Some of the new developments being proposed, approved or under construction in Ventura.

Mission Apartments – Interior and exterior improvements. Corner of Oak and Santa Clara Streets. Under review at Historic Preservation Committee on July 20. Staff report with specific details to be published in the Agenda Center  ( on July 15.


HPC Purpose – Report to the Planning Commission, advise and recommend concerning the designation of historic districts, landmark sites, natural configurations, buildings, structures, and points of interest significant to the heritage and development of the City.


 Anacapa Courts- 4 story mixed use development 24 condominiums, 3850 sq ft commercial space approved and recently sold to a new developer located at 299 East Main.



Willow/ Ravello- 2-4 story buildings (13 separate buildings) with 306 apartments and 5000 sq ft of commercial space under construction at Northbank and Johnson Drives


For more information go to or access the city development map at Permit Services “button” or Development Map Permit Services | Ventura, CA for projects Under Review, Scheduled for Hearing or Entitled (Approved) and Under Construction.

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