Community members invited to a public meeting for cannabis businesses

The City of Ventura will host a public meeting to hear from finalists applying for commercial cannabis business permits on Monday, July 18, 2022, at City Hall in the Community Meeting Room.

The community met will share comments or questions on proposed locations and applicants by joining the in-person meeting or sharing feedback online.

Brief presentations will be provided by each of the nine cannabis business permit finalists, which include one industrial and eight retail applicants. Each applicant will have ten minutes to present and address the online submitted questions or community concerns related to the location or application. Applicants are seeking to obtain one of the allotted three retail and 10 industrial permits.

“The City has embarked on an extensive evaluation to allow for responsible commercial business operations in our community,” said Community Development Director Peter Gilli. “We hope the public will continue to be part of this next phase in the approval process and bring us one step closer to bringing a new and viable industry to our City.”

The applicants presenting during the public meeting are the nine remaining finalists after receiving evaluations on combined criteria related to the business owners, neighborhood compatibility, community benefits, investment plans, and proposed locations.

In November 2020, voters approved a ballot measure for the taxation of cannabis in the City of Ventura. City Council approved a regulatory ordinance on February 24, 2021, allowing certain types of commercial cannabis businesses to operate in the City of Ventura with a cannabis business permit. The final selection of the business permit applicants will be completed by City Manager Alex D. McIntyre and is expected in the months following the public meeting.

To learn more about the application process, applicant rankings, locations map, or to submit public comments or concerns in advance of the public meeting, visit

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