Congratulations All 2022 Grads!

Everyone at CAPS Media Congratulates all the 2022 Graduates from Buena, El Camino, Foothill, Pacific and Ventura High School as well as all the adult grads from Ventura Adult and Continuing Education and Ventura College.

CAPS Media crews, including El Camino students in the CAPS/VUSD ECTV media education program, are recording and live-streaming commencement ceremonies at Ventura College and all Ventura Unified School District high schools. The kickoff was on May 19 at Ventura College and will be followed by back-to-back celebrations at VHS on June 15, Buena on June 16 and the final all-day ceremonies for Foothill, El Camino, Pacific and VACE grads held at the Ventura College stadium on June 17. CAPS crews will set up and direct the live-stream distributions of every celebration for, enabling the graduation ceremonies to be seen live locally and worldwide on the VUSD and VC YouTube channels as well as live on Channel 15.

CAPS Media crews are staying very busy. Recently the entire CAPS team pitched in on two extensive video productions. The first was for the Ventura County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters, Mark Lunn, and his supporting cast led by Miranda Nobriga. The CAPS staff, led by senior producer/editor Gary Roll, collaborated with the county staff to produce a series of detailed training videos for county election site workers. The series included step-by-step instructional videos for workers staffing dozens of voting locations throughout the county. The video series demonstrated how to set up and manage the equipment at the voting sites, and how to protect and deliver completed ballots to the county government center for counting. In the past this vital worker instruction was conducted in extensive in-person training sessions. The new video series allows election site workers to be trained online and provides as series of reference materials to use throughout the process.

Speaking of voting – its time for every voter in Ventura County to VOTE! If you haven’t received your ballot in the mail, call the Ventura County Elections Division at 805-654-2664 or go Ballots can be mailed in, no postage required, or dropped off at Ballot Drop Boxes locations throughout the county including in front of the CAPS Media Center at 65 Day Road in Ventura. You still have time to vote if you missed the online registration date. Go to a vote center in your community and register and vote up to and on election day.

The second major CAPS Media production was a collaboration with the Ventura County Indian Education Consortium. Led by local coordinator Robin Jacobs, the VCIEC is a federally funded program that provides direct services to American Indian and Alaskan Native students in grades TK-12 throughout multiple Ventura County school districts.

For CAPS Media the end of the school year honoring celebration, was an all-hands-on-deck production that engaged the entire CAPS media team and facilities. The extensive forty-five-minute presentation featured inspirational messages and performances by numerous local Native American elders and community members, as well as individual profiles on Indian Students of the Year from all grade levels, plus personalized messages from this year’s VCIEC Outstanding 2022 Graduates. For more information about this program go to

As a final note, out of caution the CAPS Media Center has been closed throughout the pandemic. During this time, the CAPS Media staff and board of directors have undertaken an extensive internal evaluation to determine the most effective services to provide to the public once we are fully operational. The CAPS Media mission remains: To create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media.

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