City Council City Manager Alex McIntyre receives a pay increase

Based upon a new contract, approved 6-1 by the City Council, City Manager Alex McIntyre received a 2% pay raise. It also includes a merit increase that brings McIntyre’s annual salary to more than $280,000.

When McIntyre was hired in 2018, he received an annual salary of $255,000. In 2020, he made $269,022 and $79,659 in benefits, making him the fourth highest paid city manager in Ventura County.

Other city manager salaries:

Simi Valley City Manager Brian Gabler earned $280,970 and $31,041 in benefits.

Moorpark’s Troy Brown earned $237,193 and $73,017

Thousand Oaks City Manager Drew Powers earned $318,134 and $93,849 in benefits.

Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen earned $299,142 and $46,963 in benefits.

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