Dear Friends of Art:

2021 works of MAIL ART in a store window.

The ARTLIFE Foundation’s MAIL ART Project with the theme “Spontaneous Inspiration” is well underway. We have already received about a hundred submissions to date. We request submissions of 6 x 9 works of art, which must be mailed to us, with a cutoff date of May 15. They will be displayed locally and on our web site: See details about submitting work there.

About 90 of the current works mailed to us so far have come from Europe, Central America, South. America, Japan, and, happily, one each from Ukraine and Russia. Why? Europeans have been producing mail art for many years and have a center for it in Romania. Our local mail art guru, the late Joe Cardella, is well known and respected by them, says Stefan Balog, President of the Inter-Art Foundation. They have a gallery dedicated to mail art. And the pandemic made mail art a more favored medium for exchanges of actual art around the world with galleries closed to public view. Cardella, in his ARTLIFE magazine, published 275 editions over 25 years, each one filled with imaginative works mailed in from artists everywhere. We keep mail art projects alive to honor his legacy.

Locally, we encourage artists of all stripes and experience to submit, young and old, schoolkids and pros. Who knows, your “spontaneous inspiration” on the small format of this mail-in art may propel you on to bigger and better art-making. That’s our hope anyway.

All the best from the ARTLIFE Foundation:

Bob Chianese (President), Nello Panelli, Curtis Cormane, Jonell McLain, Jone Pence, Jeanne LaRocco, Pete Ippel, Friday Gretchen, Lynne Okun, Cathy Barroca

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