Vol. 15, No. 11 – Feb 23 – Mar 8, 2022 – Mailbox


I don’t know if you remember this, but years ago in your Opinion/Editorial you made a comment, almost a throwaway, about how Council members should speak to every item, but one wasn’t doing that. At the time, I figured you meant xxxxxxxxxx, who had just been elected and seemed hellbent on keeping his mouth shut.

I can tell you, I was at the YMCA, sitting on a couch at the entrance, when I read that. It was a turning point for me in how I saw Council’s role. You were absolutely right, and it was so blindingly obvious, but it wasn’t something I’d ever considered. It played a part in my decision to run, and how to run.

Not a meeting has gone by since — before I ran, and now that I serve on Council — that I haven’t viewed Council’s deliberations through that lens. It hasn’t always endeared me to my colleagues, or to staff, but it has given me a clear purpose.

Every time I open my mouth and speak to an item, no matter the scale or scope, that’s because of you. So thank you.

Mike Johnson Councilmember – District 3

Mike: Wow I never thought I had very much influence. Now the council will get mad at me when you “open your mouth.”

Five out of four people have trouble with fractions.
~ Steven Wright

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~ Dolly Parton

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