Aarmark Beer Gardens to run new entertainment and restaurant venue

The time has come to say goodbye to the Harbor arcade. Photos by Patricia Schallert

A state-of-the-art family entertainment venue, managed by Aarmark Beer Gardens, Inc., will open in the Ventura Harbor Village with the approval of a multi-year lease by the Ventura Port District Board of Port Commissioners.  The contract for the lease was approved unanimously by the Ventura Port Commission on Jan. 19. Aarmark signed a six-year lease with options for three additional fiveyear- terms.

Aarmark will pay a base rent and common-area maintenance charges totaling about $13,000 a month, plus 4% of gross sales.

The 5,700 square foot venue hopes to open by April, 2023.

Aaron Running, CEO of Aarmark Beer Gardens said entertainment options will include “multi-sport simulators, virtual reality, retro arcade games, a stadium seating sports viewing, and more.” This is much more in keeping with the type of games that are played today by both youth and adults as compared to what is there now.

The company operates restaurants in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, including SB Biergarten in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, Fire & Vice in Moorpark and Santa Maria, and Copenhagen Sausage Garden in Solvang.

The Ventura Port District, that manages the Ventura Harbor Village, plans to invest $725,000 in facade and infrastructure improvements to the building. Aarmark will invest an additional $651,500.

District’s General Manager Brian Pendleton said “This exciting and vibrant entertainment use will continue to expand upon offerings springing up at Harbor Village, joining many long-time favorites.”

Marlyss Auster, President and CEO of the Visit Ventura praised the new Village endeavor.  “The family entertainment, complemented with fresh restaurant offerings, add to the wonderful variety of options available at Ventura Harbor Village, and will encourage visitors to stay longer to enjoy its scenic setting.”    

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