Vol. 15, No. 09 – Jan 26 – Feb 8, 2022 – Mailbox


First I would like to say how much I like the Breeze for local information. I moved to Ventura in 2005 and subscribed to the Star for local information and goings on until they kept cutting back on local info. I stopped my subscription when the Star had the same info as the LA Times. But then I found you. I retired here to be in a small town and was interested in everything Ventura. Keep up the good work!

In that vein I would like to offer two suggestions for improvement to your most recent Editorial.  The paragraph on Julia Brownley begs the question if she lost the cities of Ventura and Ojai who is going to represent them?  If it is still to be determined why not say so? And secondly in the paragraph on permits and approvals, if you do not like the huge amount of multi-unit projects on Thompson a sentence or two to say why would be informative.

Keep up your good work. I look forward to each informative edition.

Dennis Watson

Dennis: Regarding Julia Brownley her term here will end in January, 2023 so still with us for a year. At that time Salud Carbajal will take over.

Regarding the proliferation of very expensive condos ($800,000 and up) I’m concerned about the additional cars and the gentrification of Ventura to exclude folks that need to work here but can’t afford to live here and the diversity of our population.

This Covid sickness is like nothing I have ever had before. Lots of body pains (mostly lower back). Coughing and aches. Hard to sleep. I feel weak as a kitten. Last night was the worst. It keeps changing on you. But, I am going to rest as much as I can. Going to let it run its way though me.
Richard Senate

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.
~ John Barton

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