Weather events December 2021

by Tom Johnston

The following weather report is based on weather stations data located near Ventura College campus beginning 1964 or 57 years of record. The weather events during this December 2021 have for the most part been beneficial and interesting to study. There were 15 days of measurable rainfall for a total of 10.2 inches. Two days each had two inches of rainfall. This month’s rainfall was the highest December amount on record.

With all of this rain a person would think the current drought is over. Yes it was beneficial. The demand for irrigation has decreased somewhat but the lakes, the water aquifers (ground water), wells and springs will need several years of above normal rainfall to fully replenish. Another subject is how much of this heavy rainfall is due to climate change. Probably some but I will let the experts answer that one.

The meteorologists with the National Weather Service located in Oxnard have done an outstanding job of forecasting this weather. Their warnings of hazardous conditions on the highways, on the waters, sky and snow has saved the injury and even death of a number of persons and, yes, animals.

As for the air temperatures the daytime temperatures were several degrees below normal due to thick clouds blocking the sunrays. The average daytime temperature was 61 degrees while the average night time lows was 44.5 degrees. The highest monthly temperature was 69, night 38 degrees.

Other weather-related events you may have missed. Depending on where you were located you may have seen snow on the Topa Topa mountain range north of Ojai. On the night of December 24 a weak thunderstorm made it presence known by brief thunder and lightning. At colder inland locations a few mornings had light frost. As for the wind there were 5 windy days with highest gust 34 mph.

Tom Johnston became interested in the weather at age twelve.
He is now a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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