Thankful for our sense of community here in Ventura

Knox’s green wagon was stolen from inside a duplex.

by Carol Leish, MA

“It’s important to be a part of our community and to be able to pick each other up,” according to, John Burdick. “When I saw that Chris G. had more of an urgent need for the wagon, I just wanted to be able to help him out by giving it to him.”

Chris & Dani G. live with their three young children in the Pierpont area of Ventura. Chris recently posted on Nextdoor that his 4-year-old son Knox’s green wagon was stolen from inside a duplex with a 6ft. fence. He also posted a picture of the wagon. He said that Knox came inside upset and said, “A bandit took my wagon.”

First, Chris was also upset because of the theft of the wagon. But, after posting about the incident on Nextdoor, and getting two generous responses to pay for a new wagon, and the response from John Burdick to give his wagon to them, he said, “I was overwhelmed with a sense of community.”

John said that, “Now that my sons are ages 7 and 10, I hadn’t been using the wagon to pull them around various places anymore. And, I realized that Chris had more of an urgent need for it. I know how it feels when something is stolen from you. We need to pick each other up by helping out each other.

“It was also an awesome experience when Chris and Knox picked up the wagon from outside my home here in Ventura. My kids were proud to be donating the wagon, too. In fact, it was the same wagon that we were giving to them, that had been stolen from them. Thus, I was donating it back to them so that they wouldn’t be missing a beat.” Having fun playing while riding in the green wagon would be continuing on!

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