District Commanders

As part of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan to strengthen community partnerships, increase collaboration and accountability, and streamline problem solving efforts in each area of town, a Ventura Police Commander has been assigned to each of the Neighborhood Community Councils and to the Downtown Ventura Partners.

Each of our six Commanders and our Assistant Chief work directly with the City Council member from each district to better serve our residents and businesses in that area of Ventura.

Have a question that might be better suited for a Police Corporal? Get in touch with your Beat Coordinator!

Contact your District Commander:

  • District 1 & Westside Community Council: Commander Sarah Heard: [email protected], 805-339-4460
  • District 2, Midtown Community Council & Downtown Ventura Partners: Commander Darrick Brunk: [email protected], 805-339-4323
  • District 3 & College Area Community Council: Commander Rick Murray: [email protected], 805-339-4343
  • District 4 & East Ventura Community Council: Commander Ryan Weeks: [email protected], 805-339-4309
  • District 5 East Ventura Community Council: Commander Sam Arroyo: [email protected], 805-339-4441
  • District 6 & Montalvo Community Council: Commander Matt Cain [email protected], 805-339-4488
  • District 7 & Pierpont Bay Community Council: Assistant Chief David Dickey: [email protected], 805-339-4493
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