Harrison honored by Clean-Air Group

Harrison Industries continues to lead the ecological charge, achieving a noteworthy 12 years of Climate Registered™ Gold status for its ongoing efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Registry is a nonprofit organization that operates greenhouse gas reporting programs globally and monitors emissions; using an independent review process, the registry assists companies in measuring, reporting and verifying the carbon in their systems in order to manage and reduce it. Carbon greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for trapping heat the Earth’s atmosphere and causing climate change.

In a recent letter, Climate Registry officials thanked Harrison for opening its corporate books to again complete the registry’s emissions inventory report and congratulated the Ventura-based trash and recycling hauler for its 12th consecutive year of top-level recognition on the elite registry.

“We thank you for your exceptional climate leadership,” the registry’s Ryan Cassutt, manager of verification and registry services, wrote in the Oct. 22 letter. “Harrison Industries will receive a Climate Registered Gold physical certificate and will enjoy enhanced eligibility for a Climate Leadership Award.”

Earlier this year, The Climate Registry rewarded Harrison for surpassing net zero in emissions by a remarkable 21 times.

“As you can imagine, any company just trying to get to net zero is hard,” said Bill Camarillo, CEO of Harrison partner Agromin, “but the Harrisons have been able to average, over 10 years, 21 times greater than net zero, which is a tremendous accomplishment.”

“The numbers are remarkable but not unexpected,” said Nan Drake, Harrison’s director of governmental affairs and public relations. “Harrison has a well tracked history of avoided emissions – including a fleet of trucks that run entirely on clean fuel – and of following all the protocol. At Harrison, we see this as our greatest responsibility and our foremost success as a trash/recycle company.”

In 2019, Harrison was honored to be the only waste hauler to ever be distinguished with The Climate Registry’s Member of the Month commendation.

Throughout its nearly 90-year history – since long before global warming became a sweeping social issue – Harrison has strived to reuse waste material and avert it from the landfill, where methane gas emissions have caused the atmospheric warming that’s led to climate change.

In 1990, at the dawn of the recycling movement, Harrison launched its Gold Coast Recycling facility. Using state-of-the-art equipment – which has been updated several times over the decades, including in 2019 – Gold Coast has remained consistently at the top of national environmental performance rankings.

Among the company’s proudest achievements has been its annual high ranking on the prestigious Climate Registry, which has been governed by U.S. states and Canadian provinces and territories since its design and creation in 2007.

Since joining the registry in 2008, Harrison has remained far ahead of the clean-air curve every year, proactively and voluntarily reporting the company’s greenhouse gas emissions annually through The Climate Registry.

Details on these avoided emissions from recycling, composting and averted landfill use are available in the full report from The Climate Registry, at www.theclimateregistry.org.

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