Vol. 15, No. 06 – Dec 15 – Dec 28, 2021 – Mailbox


Maybe we could tag team to raise funds. Take on any haters over 68.
Don’t always agree with you but keep up the good work. Beats the Star for me.
Chris Reinhart

Chris: Sometimes I don’t even agree with me but we are having fun aren’t we?


The Ventura City Council has an important vote on December 6th that will affect development in our coastal city for years to come. They are set to approve a Streamlining Ordinance which strips power away from our land use boards and turns that power over to one person, the Community Development Director (CDD). The CDD and the City Attorney spent 2021 rewriting the Municipal Code to benefit out of town developers and the City Council appears willing to rubber stamp their proposals. 

Parking, traffic, density and water decisions, sign changes (like the Auto Center enlargement), Conditional Use Permits and building façade issues will be decided by the Development Director, who ironically doesn’t even live here. Projects are not being looked at collectively and therefore infrastructure improvements are not being addressed. Hundreds of units are being added in the downtown area and the city has not prepared an Environmental Impact Report. They closed one of the three main streets through the downtown area, eliminated parking spaces and are approving six story condo and apartment buildings? People still need cars to “live, work and play” in Ventura. 

If you look at the donors and contributors to the election campaigns of our City Council members you can see who is benefitting from all this construction. These new million-dollar condos going up all over town are not going to help current residents. I urge your readers to contact the City Council to stop this over-development and vote “no” on Streamlining. 

Eileen Shaw

Editor: See article on front cover. We received many similar emails.


I hear so many people call Camino Real Park El Camino Real Park. Even though we have a high school named El Camino there is no El in the park name. So get the el out.

Charles Goble

Children on a Beach

Oceans build their shores with stones,
And fortify its walls with children at play,
Control nature’s borders with a swift undertow.
A coastal defense hemmed in by the tide.

When uncertain waters crash onshore,
The storms will produce a sure foundation,
For we consider the night’s arduous horizon.
To reflect on the hope of peaceful seas.

As waters sift through our rocky shores,
They polish the surface to smooth their edges,
Returns in search of precious treasure.
For there made by the hands of little children.

By Jeff Russell

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs,
jolted by every pebble in the road.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

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