Writers and readers to connect at Writers’ Festival

WRITERS | Ventura is pleased to announce the first bi-annual Writers’ Festival, to be held at the E.P. Foster Library on Main St. This free community event will be on Saturday, December 11, 2021 and Sunday, December 12, 2021, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.

“Our goal at WRITERS | Ventura is to provide a platform for writers to connect with readers,” said Pamela Zero, founding member of WRITERS | Ventura. “There are so few ways that our vibrant community can interact. It’s time to get readers and writers together.”

The Writers’ Festival will bring together local writers with local readers, creating and reinforcing a community that loves books.

Local readers and writers will be able to:

Meet local authors, Discover new books to read, Enter on-the-spot giveaways and get swag,

Play word games, Attend workshops and be a part of the local literary scene

WRITERS | Ventura offers readers a chance to talk directly to writers. Find out how their favorite characters came to be born. Find out how all those wonderful scenarios of danger, intrigue, romance, challenges developed in the mind of a skilled storyteller,” said Robina Kerr, founding member of WRITERS | Ventura.

“We are extending that very writerly practice of having writing partners into having publishing partners,” said Danielle Ste. Just, founding member of WRITERS | Ventura. “We see ourselves and other writers as allies, not as competition.”

Admission to the Writers’ Festival is free of charge for all readers. The event will include writers, librarians, book cover artists, and local booksellers. This event would not be possible without the support of the E.P. Foster Library and Hayes Graphics.

Founded in 2021, WRITERS | Ventura is dedicated to bridging the gap between writers and readers.

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