County CEO and PIO drop in on ECTV team at CAPS Media Center

Recently Mike Powers, Ventura County CEO and Ashley Bautista were at CAPS.

Recently Mike Powers, Ventura County CEO and Ashley Bautista, County PIO held an impromptu workshop with El Camino High in the ECTV program at the CAPS Media Center. Mr. Powers and Ms. Bautista were in the CAPS Media studio to record a cross-country interview, which was observed by the ECTV students. Afterwards the pair took the time for an informal meeting with the ECTV team discussing journalism, social media, marketing, career paths and more. The students will follow up with a more formal on camera studio interview with Mr. Powers.

ECTV (El Camino Television) is part of the Ventura Unified School District’s Visual and Performing Arts career pathways initiative. In weekly immersive workshops students explore all aspects of media, journalism and storytelling production including television, radio, social media, podcasting and more. The students utilize all of the resources of the CAPS Media Center including cameras, editing computers, the studio soundstage and radio control room. The ECTV program is mentored by Phil Taggart (electronic journalism and storytelling) and Elizabeth Rodeno (radio and podcasting).

Out in the community CAPS Media crews continue to support the County’s efforts to spread the word on the vital necessity of COVID vaccinations. Most recently CAPS produced a series special videos featuring doctors and other media professionals encouraging families to have young children vaccinated in compliance with recent guidelines. The COVID Vaccinations for Kids videos are distributed on the County website and multiple social media outlets in English, Spanish, and Hindi.

The CAPS Media Board of Directors meet in November and reviewed a staff presentation that included a brief summary of the multiple projects produced and managed by CAPS Media staff between July and October of this year. The report referenced more than 70 separate video productions for the City of Ventura, County of Ventura and other agencies. The government agencies distribute the media on various platforms including websites and multiple social media outlets. In addition CAPS Media airs the information on channel 6 and/or 15 as well as streaming on the CAPS website and social media sites. The report also highlighted more than 200 hours of originally produced radio programs for CAPS Radio KPPQ.

In addition the staff report included information on a facet of CAPS Media efforts that are often overlooked or taken for granted. During the 4 month window (July – October) CAPS Media staff provided the ongoing responsibility and oversight to manage, record and distribute multiple meetings held in Ventura City Hall chambers. The diversity of meetings included City Council meetings, administrative public hearings, arts and culture commission, design review committee, historic preservation committee, parks and recreation committee and more. In total CAPS Media staff managed 36 separate meetings during the four months totaling more than 88 hours of community information.

As the COVID 19 emergency continues to shadow the Ventura community, the CAPS Media Center will continue to remain closed to Member/Producers and the public until further notice. CAPS Member/Producers can submit programming via the online portal at for broadcast and streaming on CAPS public access television Channel 6 and on CAPS Radio KPPQ 104.1FM.
All of us at CAPS Media encourage everyone to get vaccinated. The sooner we are all vaccinated the sooner we can fully enjoy our very special community. We hope you all Stay Safe and Stay Strong during these challenging times.

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