Vol. 15, No. 05 – Dec 1 – Dec 14, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


6:26am, observed NWS issued a Small Craft Advisory for NW winds gusting to 30kys in the afternoon in the Western portion of the East Santa Barbara channel.

7:14am, received report of a baby Fur Seal and two pelicans injured near the Santa Clara River. Officers responded with CIMWI & captured the mammal & sea birds. Volunteers taking animals to Long Beach for rehabilitation.

8:15pm, received report of individual locked in HarborTown point club house. Officers responded and were able to free the older male from the rec room.


1:27pm, dispatched to 46 y/o male with chest pain at Ventura Isle Marina K-dock. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call. Patient was transported to hospital by AMR for further evaluation.


5:54pm, while on patrol in Rescue B17, officers contacted two fishermen hoop netting for lobster in the Harbor entrance for illegal placement of traps.

6:20pm, dispatched to a vehicle fire at 1431 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted VFD with the call. The vehicle is a total loss, no one was injured.

10:52pm, dispatched to difficulty breathing at the Portside apartments, 900 blk Schooner. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call.


7:30am, while on patrol in vehicle, officers issued verbal warnings to several dog owners for not picking up after their animals and off leash at Harbor Cove.

10:50am, received report of an injured seal in A Basin of the harbor. Officers responded and found a sea lion “thermo-regulating” in the area, no injuries.

10:01pm, dispatched to behavioral emergency at Portside apartments. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call, staging for VPD to clear. No medical.


1:49pm, dispatched to Ocean Rescue, kayaker in distress at Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officers responded by sea in Rescue B17 and by land in Harb1 with multiple agencies to the call. RB17 arrived on scene and found the victim caught in a rip current, unable to return to shore, treading water for 30mins.


3:23pm, dispatched to an ankle injury at Harbor Cove. Officers responded and assisted a 9 y/o with a ride to vehicle in the lot. She refused treatment and was transported to the hospital by her guardian for further evaluation.


8:46am, received compliment from the ocean rescue victim from Sunday. The individual thanked Harbor Patrol Officers for saving him from the rip current. He suffered from exhaustion and mild hypothermia. He retrieved his kayak.


8:46am, dispatched to a fall victim 1000 blk Marina Dr, Portside. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with an elderly female who fell out of her wheelchair. She was treated at the scene for a laceration.

10:40pm, received a request for help from a guest staying at the HarborTown point, he was locked out of his room in his underwear. Officers contacted management, provided clothing and stood by until he was let back in.


9:39am, received report of found property, drone that crashed into a commercial fishing boat rigging just outside the harbor.

3:45pm, received request to assist CIMWI with capturing an injured sea lion. The mammal was caught, placed in a cage and transported to waiting vehicle.


4:47pm, received report of a cat wandering around the Harbor Village from tenants. Officers contacted rescue volunteers, but the cat’s owner arrived.


5:19am, received request from VPD to assist with investigation of stolen catalytic converter(s). The thieves fled the VWM parking lot and VPD pursued the three juveniles who eventually crashed near Seaward Ave. 11 catalytic converters were recovered from the vehicle with burglary tools & floor jack. A gun was recovered from the original scene, the incident is under investigation.
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