A night of reflection, The Seventh Annual Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony

Paul Lenderman, Spiritual Counselor/Officiant addresses the attendees.

On the evening of Thursday, November 4th, the Joseph P. Reardon Funeral Home & Cremation Service again opened its doors to all of greater Ventura County for their seventh annual community Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony for anyone who has experienced any loss and wished to remember their loved one in a sacred space.  

Michael Boyko, owner of the funeral home stated “we again are so proud to be able to host this evening for our entire community in need of reflection, consolation, and care.  The last year or two hasn’t been easy on any of us and when facing loss even our traditions of saying goodbye, expressing grief, and the memorial experience had changed slightly during the times of COVID-19.  Moreover, I remain humbled to be able to provide such a touching ceremony with the entire highly professional staff of Assisted Home and Hospice of Ventura.  Hospice caregivers much like my staff didn’t stop during COVID and continued to assist the public without hesitation during the trying times of pandemic and public health emergency.”  

This evening featured live harp music from Ted Nicholson, professional harpists from the peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills as well as the officiant Paul Lenderman, Spiritual counselor/grief coordinator of Assisted Hospice in Ventura.  Dr. William and Dr. Lisa Rajala also took time and spoke with spiritual poems and readings of consolation.  Spiritual Counselors Daniel Aguiar and John Kirby also participated with life affirming prayers and tributes to loved ones and patients that have passed within the last few years.

Michael went onto say “we offer a helping hand to all who need it no matter the circumstances.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we’ll be here to help”.

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