I am not just a rock, I am a memory

A simple tribute to our memories. Photos by Patricia Schallert 

If one walks down the promenade between C street and the Fairgrounds, you will see a memorial that has been created using some simple beach rocks and river stones. These rocks are in a planter box in front of the Beach Fronter townhouse complex. This simple memorial garden has grown into an amazing way to honor those in our lives that we have loved and lost. Everyone is welcome to bring a personalized rock or small river stone that pays tribute to a loved one, be it your favorite pet, family member or friend. 

You are invited to find and paint a stone or rock, then bring it to the garden. You can also take a rock if you want but replace it with a personalized design or color and or message and dedication to your loved one. 

This rock garden is a simple tribute to the memories of those we have cared about and loved in addition to creating simple artwork for our environment.

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