Water is an essential resource for survival

In honor of National Preparedness Month, all residents are encouraged to take action by developing an emergency response plan. Water is an essential resource for survival and a necessary part of every emergency supply kit.

Following a disaster, clean drinking water may not be available. Prepare yourself by building a supply of water that will meet your family’s needs during an emergency. Make sure to stock enough tap or bottled water to last three to seven days. Anticipate each family member will need one to two gallons of water per day. Additionally, customers should be prepared to disinfect available water by boiling water or using regular unscented chlorine bleach products that are suitable for disinfection and sanitation as indicated on the label. To learn more about how to safely disinfect drinking water during an emergency please visit the Emergency Preparedness page.

Remember, water disaster preparedness involves four easy steps:

1. Store water
2. Build an emergency kit
3. Make a plan
4. Stay informed

Residents and businesses are encouraged to register online at VC Alert to receive emergency updates and critical messages like evacuation notices. Be sure to visit Ready Ventura County or VC Emergency for more information about how to prepare for the unexpected.

Due to prolonged drought conditions and extreme heat throughout California, Governor Gavin Newson recently declared a Drought State of Emergency in 50 counties across the State. While Ventura County is not included in the current proclamations, the Governor is encouraging all Californians to voluntarily reduce water use by 15 percent.

Looking for ways to save? Ventura Water is here to help! Apply for one of our water conversation programs or schedule a free consultation with a Water Conservation Specialist by calling Customer Care at (805) 667-6500.

Water Wise Landscape:

Receive a cash rebate for converting your lawn to a low water-use landscape.

Upgrade your irrigation System: Apply for a free smart irrigation controller, drip irrigation, and high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles.

Low-Water Appliances: Install a high-efficiency toilet and washing machine.

Use Recycled Water: Check out Ventura Water’s Recycled Water Mobile Reuse Program

As a reminder, the City will continue to enforce water waste prohibitions, offer water efficiency programs/ incentives, and pursue multi-benefit water supply projects, such as the State Water Interconnection Project and the VenturaWaterPure Program.

Ventura Water extends its sincere appreciation to our customers for their continued commitment to improved water efficiency as the State of California shifts towards “making water conservation a California way of life”. For more information about Ventura’s current water supply situation, visit Ventura Water’s Water Shortage Update webpage.

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