Vol. 14, No. 25 – Sept 8 – Sept 21, 2021 – Mailbox

Hello Sheldon,

I follow your column each week but was saddened to read your insensitivity when you commented on Phil Valentine’s death with ” At least he won’t have a heart attack or paralysis.” I thought we were above that, that’s what they do, put down others, not us. This saddened me.
Hope your day is better.
Each new day is an opportunity to think better.

H. Olson

Looking back at it I completely agree with you it was insensitive. I’ll try to do better.


Just thinking about the two little ——— who burned up the school: I wonder if it would be possible to put them to work with the crew rebuilding it? Maybe a few months of slave labor would give them a fresh perspective (I believe they’d have to be paid, but the money could go into a victim’s relief fund). They’d actually learn a trade, too. Or they’d get hurt on the job and sue the city for millions. What do I know?

Alfred Lewis

Dear Ventura County Elections Division:

It is very frustrating to discover that the Mail-in Recall ballot for Governor is folded in half when you get it through the mail, and that the NO bubble is below the fold so you do not see it until you open the ballot all the way. This favors the YES bubble.

I have also been told by friends that when you order a replacement ballot, the YES and NO bubbles are both visible at the same time.

This puts the integrity of the election for me out of bounds. I call for a new statewide recall ballot with equal visibility and access to YES and NO positions.

Robert Chianese

Ventura, CA


While waiting in line at the pharmacy for my medications, a number of thoughts came to me. I wonder if others have had similar thoughts. As a Type II diabetic its hard for me to find things to eat on the menu of most restaurants. With more and more people coming down with Diabetes II Maybe someone should make a restaurant that deals with low or no sugar dishes–with disserts what our requirements permit. I must admit I get rather tired of salads all the time.

There are enough people with this condition to make it a going concern. Such a business my also cater to dieters as well as those of us with restrictions.

Richard Senate

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Anywhere is walking distance if you’ve got the time.
~ Steven Wright

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