County of Ventura launches VC Connects to help bridge digital gap

The County of Ventura is proud to announce the launch of VC Connects, a program designed to bridge the digital gap for older adults and people with disabilities living in Ventura County. VC Connects brings computers to the homes of individuals who do not otherwise have access to a digital device.

VC Connects offers individuals 18 and older access to computer kits that can be checked out at any of the 12 Ventura County Library locations or the Mobile Library. Internet enabled hotspots and technical support are also available. The program is offered through a collaborative effort between the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging, the County of Ventura Information and Technology Department, and the Ventura County Library.

“We are excited to launch a program that creates access to technology for the populations we serve,” said Victoria Jump, Director of the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging. “We recognize the importance of addressing the digital gap that exists for many Ventura County residents, and we are proud to provide a safe and trusted service that does just that.”

VC Connects allows users to complete any online task, including video chats with friends, family members, and doctors. The program, including internet enabled hotspots, is provided at no charge, however an active Ventura County Library card is required. Library cards may be acquired at any Ventura County Library location.

In addition to the computer kits, VC Connects offers thoroughly vetted tips and resources through The website was designed to address many of the questions and concerns that arise when using a digital device.

“Our goal is to make services more accessible and easier for the community to navigate,” said Nancy Schram, Director of the Ventura County Library. “VC Connects brings digital devices within reach in a way no other local program has before.”

For more information, visit or call 805-477-7300.

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