Vol. 14, No. 20 – June 30 – July 13, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


2:32pm, dispatched to a lift assist in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted a hospice patient move to their bed, no medical.


9:45pm, while on patrol, officers observed a large group (500) of juveniles at Surfers Knoll. With assistance of Ventura PD, the crowd was dispersed.


8:00am, dispatched to a traffic accident on 1363 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted VFD, VPD and AMR with a patient whose vehicle was rear-ended and sustained moderate injuries and major vehicle damage.


6:03am, dispatched to an unconscious person at VWM B-dock. Officers responded and assisted a female with a spider bite, transported to hospital.

12:55pm, dispatched to a male not breathing, no pulse in the 1691 Spinnaker parking lot. Officers responded and found a patient overdosing, beginning assessment. AMR medics further assessed, transported patient to local hospital.

7:10pm, while on patrol in Fireboat, officers educated the skipper of a Boston Whaler in violation of speed/wake ordinance in the main channel of harbor.


10:10am, while on patrol officers contacted a paddler on a surfboard in the turning basin of the harbor. He was educated about the no paddleboard or surfboard ordinance in the harbor and not in possession of a lifejacket.

1:08pm, while on patrol in Rescue B17, contacted an individual on a motorized foilboard near the fuel dock. Educated about registration/PFD/Speed violations.


11:30pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers discouraged a large RV towing a SUV from making a right turn on to Spinnaker Drive and heading into the harbor. The vehicle had no working lights and was looking for a place to park for the night. Educated the driver of the oversize vehicle ordinance in the city.


6:25pm, dispatched to a drowning at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded in the fireboat and observed the patient was on the beach and CPR in progress. They returned and responded in the vehicle to assist multiple agencies with the call. Patient transported to local hospital and later discovered to be recovering well.


1:03pm, received report of a stingray strike near the Surfers Knoll groin. Officers responded with hot water to treat the puncture wound with Lifeguards.


7:50am, contacted by individual concerned about a person screaming in the L/R restrooms. Officers investigated and found an individual having internal issues and refused any medical assistance, advised to contact 911 if anything changes.

10:30am, contacted a group conducting competitive paddling class at the L/R. Advised to secure a permit for such activities in the future through Port District.

5:00pm, received request from TowBoat US to assist with a sinking vessel they are towing into the harbor. Officers assisted with Rescue B17, dewatering the vessel as it was towed. Further, officers on land blocked off the east side of the launch ramp so the vessel could be put on a waiting trailer. The vessel was found abandoned at Point Mugu and was a panga possibly used in a smuggling event.


5:39am, observed weather advisory for large South Swell and continued strong rip currents from the swell along all Harbor beaches.

7:17pm, dispatched to a seizure patient at VWM E-dock. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the call. Patient transported to hospital for evaluation.


11:15am, dispatched to a lock-out in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and were able to gain entry into the unit for the owner. No medical.


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