Scholarship awards presented by CMH Auxiliary Junior Volunteer program.

These young people have contributed thousands of hours of volunteer service to CMH.

On June 14, scholarships were awarded to nine deserving young people who have been part of the CMH Auxiliary Junior Volunteer program. At an outdoor ceremony in front of Community Memorial Hospital, Auxiliary president Linda Pettit, Junior chairperson Marilyn Beal, and hospital President and CEO Gary Wilde presented the $1000 awards to the seven Maria Cavallo Scholarships for students planning to enter medical field careers.

Dr. James Woodburn also assisted in the presentation of the two Audrey Woodburn scholarships for those heading for careers in nursing.

These young people have contributed thousands of hours of volunteer service to CMH while maintaining academic excellence and community involvement and are to be commended for their dedication.

Award ceremony recipients:

Maria Cavallo Scholarships for Medical Field Careers: $1,000 each

Caroline Connolly: Served in CCU and ED for 288 Hours. She earned a 3.98 unweighted GPA while attending Ventura H. S.

Adithi Desham: Was a desk/flyer and volunteered in the Pharmacy with 287 Hours. At FTHS, she earned a 3.94 unweighted GPA.

Isabella Garcia: Served 239 hours in Maternity. She attended Buena H.S., graduating with a 3.92 unweighted GPA.

Frances Kayser: Frances served 311 hours at the front desk of the Ocean Tower. This young lady, who graduated from Ventura HS with a 4.0 unweighted GPA.

Eesh Manwani: Volunteered in the Gift Shop where he served for 376 hours. A graduate of FTHS, with a 3.72 unweighted GPA,

Aniket Rahane: Served in both CCU and the Gift Shop with 335 hours accumulated. Aniket graduated from Buena HS with a 3.95 unweighted GPA.

Elsa Schmidt: Was a desk/flyer putting in 335 hours of service. A graduate from FTHS with a 4.0 unweighted GPA,

Audrey Woodburn Scholarships for Nursing: $1,000 each

Breanna Burke: Volunteered in SDS, ED, and Maternity accumulating 259 hours of service. She graduated from Ventura H S with a 3.9 unweighted GPA.

Erin Hoffman: Gave 275 hours of service in Maternity. She attended Saint Bonaventure HS and graduated with a 3.64 unweighted GPA.

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