River Haven offers a way out of homelessness

River Haven have given people the opportunity and the tools to start truly living happier and healthier lives.

by Carol Leish

“River Haven started during the El Nino in 2006,” according to, Suki Sir, Marketing and Fund Development Manager at Turning Point Foundation. “Thus, during the El Nino, we approached the City of Ventura in March, 2006. Contracts were signed in September, and the program started in October. The former director, Clyde Reynolds, was very instrumental in approaching the city, and in negotiating the contract to secure the land for River Haven.”

“Clients/residents of River Haven receive case management services that follow up with service plan goals and their well-being,” according to, Joe Dawson, Program & Facilities Manager at Turning Point Foundation. “Case management takes a team approach by offering and connecting clients/residents with supportive services that offer follow-up care. And, the case manager and the treating agencies maintain communication to promote and create action plans for clients that will help them to become more successful and to maintain service connections obtained.”

Dawson also focused on the types of services that are offered to clients/residents of River Haven by saying, “Connected services consist of: Ventura County Behavioral Health; Whole person care program; ADP (Alcohol & Drug program; Health Care Agency/ One Stop; and, the Human Service Agency.”

“We aim for clients/residents to be at River Haven for up to two years at the most,” according to, Sir. “But some residents get permanent housing within 6 months, and others take longer than two years.”

Turning Point Foundation’s website is: www.turningpointfoundation.org, which describes the latest news and events. Please sign up for the newsletter to become more informed.

“Some of the needs for supporting River Haven are on the list, which is at: http://turningpointfoundation.org/donate/,” according to, Sir. “Do realized that River Haven gets very little government support. Thus, online donations are very much appreciated.” And, that, according to the website, “$525 Feeds 25 people per month.” Also included on the list of needs on the website, which can be downloaded, are: “Heavy blankets; bath towels; washcloths; canned food; and, books & board games.”

Through support and housing both Turning Point Foundation and River Haven have given people the opportunity and the tools to start truly living happier and healthier lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done, all that matters is the future and what you want to do with your future.

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