Preventing homelessness in the Post-COVID Age

by Jill Forman and Sue Brinkmeyer

Many households are one paycheck away from homelessness.  One car repair, family illness, temporary layoff or other one-time event can eat up the funds needed to pay rent for a month, and a family can lose its housing. For residents of the City of Ventura in this situation, the Homeless Prevention Fund is one option.  If a household will be able to meet its expenses once the temporary situation is resolved, the Ventura Homeless Prevention may be able to help them stay housed.

As an example, this month a family had an illness and their income was drastically reduced for a sufficient period that they were unable to pay rent for the month. They faced eviction.  Since the situation was resolved, and they could pay the rent going forward, they qualified for a one-time payment of their rent by the Ventura Homeless Prevention. They are able to stay in their home.

For households who need help paying months of rent that was missed due to COVID-19, government programs exist, and people can call 211 to learn more about the assistance available. For residents of the City of Ventura who don’t qualify for the much-more-extensive government COVID-19 Rent Relief and who need help with just one month’s rent due to a temporary financial setback, Ventura Homeless Prevention may be the answer. More information is available at or (805) 626-0363.

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