Marine Science Beach Camps are back this Summer!

During the camps, children learn about a variety of marine science concepts.

Summer is almost here! Ensure your children or grandchildren get the outdoor exposure they need for proper development through educational and enriching hands-on activities in marine science that follow strict COVID-19 prevention measures.

Registration to MERITO Foundation’s Marine Science Beach Camps – Summer 2021 are now open for children 8 to 12 years of age from 9:00 am-1:00 pm 3 days per week at Buenaventura State Beach south of Ventura Pier with the following weeks and themes:

  • Week 1 ‘Watersheds to Ocean’: June 28 – July 2 (M, W, F)
  • Week 2 ‘Life in between the Tides’: July 7 & July 9 (W & F)
  • Week 3 ‘The Secret Life of Plankton’: July 12 – July 16 (M, W, F)
  • Week 4 ‘Bills and Whales’: July 19-23 (M, W, F)

Register Here

During camps, children learn about a variety of marine science concepts, the issues our oceans and coast face, and what they and their families can do to protect them. Children will also have time to experience and explore the coastal environment and play with ocean-themed games. They will be introduced to scientific monitoring and marine-themed art and poetry, all while respecting social distancing.

To learn more and register go to

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