EPS banned from local use

Starting July 1, 2021, food providers in the City of Ventura will be banned from distributing expanded polystyrene (EPS) food and beverage containers.

EPS is commonly known as “Styrofoam”, is commonly found as litter on our beaches and other open spaces, where it is difficult to clean up because it breaks into small pieces and is easily moved by the wind.

Food providers include any person or business located within the City that provides prepared food or beverages for public consumption including, but not limited to, any store, supermarket, delicatessen, restaurant, shop, caterer, or mobile food vendor. Food and beverage containers include but are not limited to: cups, plates, bowls, meat trays, clamshells, and coolers that are not wholly encapsulated by another material.

There are exemptions for products that are packaged outside the city, such as EPS egg cartons. Additionally, there is a one-year financial hardship or practical difficulty exemption which can be found at www.cityofventura.ca.gov/EPSBan

City staff is available to answer questions and to help you navigate this change. There are ways to switch to non-EPS products at no cost, including partnering with Plastic Free Restaurants, an organization that subsidized the cost to switch to 100% compostable food and beverage containers.

Email [email protected] for more information, and to receive assistance from City staff. For the complete ordinance text, visit: http://bit.ly/EPSmunicode.

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