Vol. 14, No. 15 – April 21 – May 4, 2021 – Mailbox


I think that Governor Newsom has done a great job dealing with the pandemic and with the expansion of voting rights, among other things, but his latest call to re-open the state seems suspect at best.  I am hoping that he is doing this in response to the advice of scientists, though I have read nothing to indicate this.

Instead, I read about the circus the GOP is putting together in a doomed effort to recall him.
I hope he knows that the clowns running this circus will never succeed and I hope that his call to re-open the state is not a knee jerk reaction to it.  I know everyone is hurting because of the pandemic but I think it is still too early to get back to normal simply because there is no “normal” anymore and we may never be able to get back to our lives as they were.  A world-wide, killer, pandemic will do that.  Especially now that we are grasping the fact that it can change and mutate into deadlier forms making our current efforts a moot point.

The old adage, “Money is the root of all evil” comes to mind when I read about states opening up while the pandemic rages on.

When politicians go ahead with re-openings anyway, another adage comes to mind, one that I hope everyone understands and appreciates before it is too late.

That adage is, “You can’t take it with you!”.

John Darling


Just read your article on the flu(covid shots) you need to check your facts first , the covid shot has not been approved by the FDA , because it was considered a state of emergency that the shot needed to get out as soon as possible , You as a news paper needs to check your facts as you spread the news.

Michele Bruns

Note: This was not an article or the opinion of the Breeze. An opinion from a reader.


I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and a very appreciated book review.  It was very therapeutic to write this book and I am so humbled by you and other people I respect being so supportive.  We have a lot of talented people in our community and a lot of very interesting stories. I’m thankful that you are part of my life journey Sheldon.

Thank you Doug Halter

Dear Sheldon:

Is it possible to get severe withdrawal symptoms from not getting to read The Breeze for a really long time? Well, you can.

I stopped driving several years ago, so I was incapable of picking up The Ventura Breeze. What a deadly experience. I discovered that I loved reading The Breeze, and without the car, I couldn’t pick up The Breeze at the local market. I couldn’t pick up lots of things, but the thing I miss most was your paper. The Breeze was a great fit for me for years. It was the right size, published material that I liked reading about. Was published by a man who loved dogs. The Breeze had all kinds of things I enjoyed looking at and reading about, and best of all, The Breeze was generous to me, publishing some of my articles. I enjoyed the paper for it’s contents and for the variety of information about Ventura and all the neat places that surround me.

You know what happens with withdrawal? Of course, you do. I have been suffering from Breeze withdrawal. Fortunately, I was able to pick up an edition of the Breeze recently, and discovered how much and how deep was my withdrawal. One look at The Breeze and one affectionate run through, and I realized how much trouble I was in. Without the Breeze, I was on the verge of a serious series of bad withdrawal. I have pulled through this almost deadly experience. I know I need some heavy doses of Breeze deliveries and reading the paper good and thorough. I need The Breeze reorientation and relaxation recovery cure. The current edition has me close to being cured. The rest of the treatment is now up to me to be sure I don’t suffer another major withdrawal experience. Believe me. This will not happen again.

Thanks Sheldon. Best regards and Best wishes for all of us.
Es Cole and Manny


I must take issue with one of your comments about Asian Hate in New York.

“Ignorant people say, “They should go back to where they came from.” We all came from somewhere else except Native Americans. So, using this approach, all of us, except Native Americans, would need to go back to where our ancestors came from. Mine from Russia and Romania.”

Ignorant people say… Not only are they ignorant, they are historically clueless. Many thousands of ethnic Asian folks were born, raised, and dies right here in America, since the 1840s. Those decedents are natural American citizens. They can’t ‘go back to where they came from. They are here!

So, using this approach, all of us, except Native Americans…
Even our “Native Americans” came from somewhere else. There is very strong genetic evidence that the original Native Americans migrated from Mongolia, up to Siberia, across the Bearing Sea Ice Bridge, into Alaska, down into America, South to Mexico, and perhaps into South America.

Your ancestors came from Russia and Romania; mine came from Scotland, Germany, and Native American (New York). North America was a grand grazing land for the Dinosaurs.

Just my few cents worth,

Michael Gordon

So its sounds as if no one should live her.

The great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used to failing.
~ Albert Schweitzer

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