City of Ventura announces new sidewalk repair reimbursement program

The City of Ventura is pleased to announce the Safe Sidewalks Program, a reimbursement program funded by Measure O that aims to help expedite sidewalk repair needs throughout the City by covering a portion of the repair costs for individual improvements made by residents.

The Safe Sidewalks Program reimburses 50% of the repair costs, up to $2,500 per resident property frontage. Income-qualified residents (per California Alternate Rates for Energy Income Qualifications) may receive a match of 75% of repair costs, up to $3,750 per property frontage.

“Since 2016, we have improved over 40,000 square feet of sidewalks throughout the City, yet due to limited resources, there are still areas that need repair,” said Public Works Director Phil Nelson. “Along with the City Council, who approved this program in January 2020, our goal is to provide a pathway for residents to fast track their sidewalk repairs to improve accessibility and safety for everyone.”

Now accepting applications, residents must apply by March 31, 2022, and need approval before starting repair work with their selected contractor. Selected contractors must meet the following criteria:

Possess a current City-issued business license;

Possess a valid A, C-8, C-12, or C-61:D:06 contractor’s license; and

Registered with the State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations.

All project applications must have work completed by June 30, 2022, and approved by the City before receiving reimbursement. Pending budget approval, beginning July 1, 2021, the program allocates $350,000 in total funding with an anticipated annual distribution of $50,000 to each of the seven City Council districts. The Public Works Department may use any unused funds to repair sidewalks throughout the City or return them to the Measure O Fund.

To apply for the Safe Sidewalks Program or for more information and resources, visit

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