The Bookmark About Libraries and Friends

by Jill Forman

Happy almost-Spring! Hope is springing up all over: those horrible illness numbers are going down, vaccine supplies are going up. The libraries will eventually implement their reopening strategies when it is safe. The Friends will be able to resume having book sales.

Meanwhile, both organizations are continuing with their virtual and take-home activities. Here’s a sampling of what is happening:

Online book store news

We have a huge supply of audiobooks, in addition to new adults and kids’ books that changes weekly. Remember, you order online and pick up your books at Hill Road Library.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Energy Savings Kits

Simple DIY home improvements can help increase the energy efficiency of your home to make it more comfortable, affordable, resilient and better for the planet.

Created by 3C-REN, these free DIY Home Energy Savings Toolkits give you the knowledge, tools and equipment to improve your home with easy upgrades. Check out a toolkit and get empowered to fix up your home, yourself!

Use the free tools and supplies in the kit to complete your DIY projects. When you’re finished, return your kit to your local library and enjoy your new and improved home!

Bad Art!

Near Boston is The Museum of Bad Art. Of course it is closed now, and it’s a long way away, BUT we can interact with it through a program set up by Librarian Mary Birch of the Avenue Library. This program is scheduled for March 30. While we’re waiting, check out the website at

Pi Day!

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is 3.14159265 and on to infinity, commonly written as 3.14. So of course we celebrate Pi Day on March 14. The Library can’t be left out of this one. You can pick up Pi Day packages, with books about Pi and math with games and puzzles to make it understandable and enjoyable, at the Hill Road Library during the week leading up to March 14. Even more fun, Ms. Charry is hosting an “Irrationally fun story time, all about Pi.” And what time? Why, 3:14 of course. The Storytime can be seen on the Ventura County Library Services Association Facebook page; the live video will start.

And if you prefer your “pi” to have a crust and be baked, the library has books put aside for you to learn about that delectable treat.

STEAM Activity Kits

Phillip Yocham at Foster says that these kits will now be available monthly.

Hill Road Book Club

The Vanishing Half by Bennet, March 30 at 5 p.m.


We love donations! But please don’t bring truckloads to Hill Road; we only have our personal vehicles and sometimes are overwhelmed. If you could limit them to two boxes or two bags it would help us out. For large numbers of books, the warehouse is open for donations Monday and Friday mornings 9-11. Map on the Friends website. Any questions, or to make an appointment, [email protected].


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