KPPQ-LP 104.1 CAPS Radio Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Year 4

CAPS radio personalities informing Ventura.

KPPQ-LP, the vibrant radio division of CAPS Media launched in 2017 has grown steadily in a few short years to become one of the most engaging and go-to sites in Ventura. The station broadcasts 2/47 everyday at 104.1 FM, and streams worldwide on and myTuner. Week in and week out KPPQ-LP member/producers create innovative and engaging programming in their homes, delivering a wide variety of programs to KPPQ-LP for distribution.

KPPQ-LP local producers include Nadine Piche, Kathleen Good, Craig Rosen and El Camino High School students. The DJs feature interviews and stories with local organizations on topics that include the Ventura County Library system, STEM programs at local schools, local artists, the Bike Hub, Surfrider and youth poets. Music disc jockeys Pam Baumgardner, Mark Levitt, Kevin Wallace, Doc Ventura and Shaun Kinsey produce engaging music shows featuring a broad range of musical genres.

KPPQ-LP CAPS Radio is also a great place to find information about the emergency services available in our community. During the current pandemic, every Friday and Saturday morning at 11, KPPQ-LP broadcasts recaps of Ventura County’s weekly VC Recovers COVID-19 updates.

KPPQ is the place to share your love of music or passion about the people and features of Ventura County. Everyone interested in learning more about KPPQ-LP including how to become a DJ, can contact Elilzabeth Rodeno, KPPQ-LP managing director and creative force at [email protected]. Elizabeth will set up a time for online training in order to get your voice on the air on KPPQ-LP Ventura. And, if you have an important event to announce or want the community to learn about your organization send a note to Elilzabeth Rodeno for distribution on KPPQ-LP .

KPPQ-LP FM 104.1 is Ventura’s publics radio station. It belongs to you. We are here to get your voice and your story out to the community. KPPQ-LP may be small in stature, but the reach is powerful: KPPQ reaches nearly 100,000 people right here in Ventura.

The entire CAPS team congrates Ventura City Council member Erik Nasarenko for his recent appointment to be the new District Attorney for Ventura County, selected by the Ventura County Supevisiors to be the new District Attorney for Ventura County. At CAPS we have had the pleasure of working with Erik for the past 7 years as Deputy Mayor (2013-15), Mayor (2015-17) and most recently as District 4 representative. We all greatly appreciate his collaborations with us and his dedication and strong leadership for our community.

Erik’s departure creates an open position on the city council for District 4, (which is roughly east of Victoria and north of the 126 freeway).

The council is in the process of reviewing applications for candidates to represent District 4 and is on schedule to appoint a new council member by February 25th. Everyone at CAPS look forward to working with the new representative along with her or his colleagues on council: Mayor Sofia Rubalcava (District 1), Deputy Mayor Joe Schroeder (District 7), Lorrie Brown (District 6), Jim Friedman (District 5), Doug Halter (District 2), and Mike Johnson (District 3).

Due to the COVID-19 emergency the CAPS Media Center is closed to Members and the public until further notice. CAPS Member/Producers can submit programming via the online portal at for broadcast and streaming on CAPS public access television Channel 6 and on CAPS Radio KPPQ 104.1FM.

All of us at CAPS Media hope everyone is Staying Safe and Healthy during these challenging times.

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