Vol. 14, No. 09 – Jan 27 – Feb 9, 2021 – Mailbox


Feel as you might about Trump, this is America. I started to read your commentary and was stopped when you said, “for those who belong to the party of “law and order” saying it so sarcastically about the Republican Party, really? Like we don’t want law and order. You should be ashamed of yourself!

What about all the rioting during the so called “peaceful” demonstrations by Black Lives Matter? Burning our businesses. Maxine Waters telling rioters among others to go for it!!

I cannot even continue to read it, I’m disappointed in you.

Please consider all Americans instead of your own hatred.

Trudy Smith

Trudy: I am not ashamed of anything that I have said about Trump. Just as, I assume, you are proud of what you feel about Trump. As you say, this is America where we can still all have our own opinions. Thanks for reading the Ventura Breeze I hope you enjoy the rest of the paper.

What about all the rioting during the so called “peaceful” demonstrations by Black Lives Matter? “ What about it? I certainly don’t approve of them either. And certainly, would condemn them for storming the capitol and trying to disrupt a peaceful transition to a new president.

Are you suggesting I have hatred because of my dislike for Trump? You don’t know me, I am a very caring and loving person. And if I am a hating person only because of my dislike for Trump then over 50% of Americans are also hateful people.

Hopefully in your next email to me you will explain why you think Trump was a good president.



Thank you Sheldon to you and your staff – I really look forward to each new edition of the Ventura Breeze!! I appreciate your candor, perspective, coverage of local happenings and interesting articles of interest to residents and visitors alike! The ads usually are pertinent too.

Yvonne Besvold

Dear Breeze,

Socialists are fighting the good fight, while American fascists are only fighting for what’s in their best interests.  Socialists come from a place of generosity, inclusion and compassion for others.  They seek justice for the oppressed.  Fascists, also known as the Far Right, only care about staying in power at any cost.  The differences between these two opposing groups are reflected in what they have chosen to protest in the past few years.

Socialists speak out against racism, police violence, anti-abortion and anti-Immigrant advocacy, child-abuse at the border and elsewhere, war, misogyny, fascism, out of control capitalism, U.S. Imperialism and voter suppression. On the other hand, fascists groups like the Proud Boys, violently protest against Jewish people, Muslims, people of color, anti-racism, fair voting results, immigrants, gun safety, pandemic and climate change science, healthcare as a human right and mask-wearing.  They also support dictatorial leaders.

Which side do you see Venturans supporting?  The violent White power thugs or the folks who are standing up to these bullies, and pushing back on the injustices and oppression that so many have experienced in America for decades, if not centuries?   Our culture has to change for the better and we must follow the lead of socialists. It is the only way this country will survive in a way that all people can thrive and live in peace.


The Democratic Socialists of America – Ventura County Chapter

“I will be a President for all Americans”
~ Joseph Biden

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