Vol. 14, No. 08 – Jan 13 – Jan 26, 2021 – Mailbox


I read the letter from Larry Dote. I see that Mr. Dote is misinformed on some important issues. I wonder where he got this information from?

Right wing talking points aren’t facts. And the fact that millions of Americans believe this stuff is disturbing to say the least.

I hope for Mr. Dote and his ilk receive education from those around them that they trust. I hope their friends and family will take the time to explain to them that dear leader lost fair and square and their continued belief in lies will lead them down a dark and dangerous life.

Or… Their grandchildren will read about the Foxnews/OAN/Breitbart/Newsmax educated members of his base in their american history text books and realize why they never met their grandparents.

Tim Hansen


Well, if we watched TV yesterday it opened the afternoon with a very dismal and dark episode in our country’s history.  As the Sun set this period became very dark and gloomy.  But, as has been said by someone else the night becomes darkest before the dawn.

Yesterday evening, while the East Coast was shrouded in darkness, our nationally elected congress gave our nation a new bright light as they exercised their constitutional duties to declare the Electoral Vote as valid; thereby turning on another bright light to chase away the dark and gloomy events of the day before.

It was one of the worst moments in American history I have ever experienced, or read about in history, but in the end our forefathers who wrote and framed our constitutional documents created a master piece of governmental writing.  With that we should be good for another 245 years.

If the rest of the world actually watch the events from start to finish, the rest of the world can still see a shining light at the top of the hill.

Michael Gordon


Why do you say 2021 isn’t good?  Looks like a good start to a new year. Trump is leaving Office, Biden is coming in. We will get money and there is a vaccine coming. So far its been a dry, fire free, winter–No floods, no power outages. and the lockdowns will end when the injections start to cut down hospitalizations–Should be over May or April.

I am optimistic for the first time in a long time. The Washington DC riot was the last hoorah of the Trump people and in two weeks the Hate Trump drum beat can stop as he slips into a comfortable retirement.

We have half the signatures to dump Newsom and if that happened we will have lots to talk about–like who to replace him?   Change is coming–dramatic change. Some good, some bad but all different. We have avoided Civil War and  all is going good for now.

Richard Senate

If we overrule the voters, we can damage the republic forever.
~ Mitch McConnell Senate Republican Majority Leader

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