Vol. 14, No. 07 – Dec 30, 2020 – Jan 12, 2021 – Mailbox

Dear Editor: 

What a kind an amazing tribute you and the Ventura Breeze did for Robert and I in your Nov 18-Dec 1 issue by printing the story that my husband, Robert Jenkins, had lost his 14 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease on November 2nd. Words are not adequate to share my deep heart-felt gratitude to you and the Breeze, and the many kind people who have reached out to me since Robert’s passing and your story on him. Thank you so very much! 

Now that some time has gone by I’ve been reflecting on the monumental experience it is to be a care-giver and was reminded that November was National Caregiver Awareness Month. I missed sharing that info with you and the Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group until earlier this week and I’d like to share a couple of helpful resources with you and your readers who might be in need yet unaware that there is respite help for them at little or no cost.

Setting aside one month for “Caregiver Awareness” is nice but care-giving is a 24 hour/365 days a year “event”. Parkinson’s Disease and many other life-limiting conditions afflict so many folks in so many challenging ways, but those afflictions are also shared by their care-partners and entire families. Many care-partners do not know about these two wonderful resources. Please, dearest Care-partners, give yourselves and your partner the gift of respite help and support this coming year…you will all benefit!

This is the Caregiver Resource the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging will refer you to for Caregiver help – they have 20-hour respite grants available but you must get on the waiting list as soon as possible. Call to be put on the waiting list ASAP: Camarillo Health Care District, Wellness and Caregiving: 805-388-1952.  

Coast Caregiver Resource Center has “larger hour” respite grants you can apply for also. Contact  Brenda Birdwell, Certified Senior Advisor, Ventura County Family Consultant of the Coast Caregiver Resource Center (A Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital program): 805- 699-8907

Anyone can call me for more information about other care-giver resources as I have a few more up my sleeve: 805-766-6070.

Thank you again so very much dear Editor Sheldon and everyone at the Ventura Breeze! 

Yours Truly, Patty Jenkins; still the Volunteer Coordinator, Ventura Parkinson’s Disease Support Group.

Ventura breeze

I believe that Donald Trump is one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. His construction of the Mexican wall has kept thousands of undesirables out of this country preventing many serious crimes. I only hope that Biden doesn’t stop this wonderful program. He produced the greatest economy in history of this country until the Chinese flu entered the country. Regarding the covid keeping the Chinese out at the very beginning saved millions and millions of American lives. We had the greatest economy in history of this country until the covid ruined it. That he continues to fight the most corrupt disgraceful election we have ever had that he actually won by millions of votes is good. I hope Republicans will back him making sure he does not leave the White House on January 20 so that he can continue to serve the country. If he does leave I will certainly be voting for him to be president in 2024 .

Thank you
Larry Dote

The most remarkable thing about pollsters is how they find so many people with no opinion.
~ Doug Larson

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