Vol. 14, No. 07 – Dec 30, 2020 – Jan 12, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 12-08 1:44pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue at McGrath State Beach. Officers responded in Rescue B-19 and Rescue Watercraft. Two inexperienced surfers were unable to return to shore because of large surf. They were taken onboard RB19 and brought to the VPD longdock for medical evaluation by VFD/AMR.
Thursday 12-10 10:05am, received report of a PWC speeding in the harbor. Officers responded in RB19, found the perpetrator, issued warning and escorted back to his slip.
Saturday 12-12 8:05am, dispatched to a bicycle accident on Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded in vehicle and assisted AMR with the patient who suffered a fractured wrist from the accident. The 35 y/o patient was transported to local hospital.
Sunday 12-13 7:35pm, dispatched to a vegetation fire near Riverhaven encampment. Officers responded in rescue vehicle Harb-1 along with VFD units to investigate the report. No brush fire was discovered, but the natural gas burn-off Southeast of the Santa Clara bridge appeared to be misidentified as a fire.
Monday 12-14 3:00pm, observed a sailboat sailing outside the harbor in extremely hazardous seas. Monitored the vessels progress and eventually returned to the harbor.
Tues-15 10:47am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Marina Community.
Tuesday 12-15 10:47pm, received report of a car stopped and running on E-bound Spinnaker near Harbor blvd. Officers responded with VPD and found two young females unconscious in the running vehicle. The pair were assumed under the influence and the driver was arrested for DUI and the case is under investigation.
Wednes 12-16 7:52pm, dispatched to a structure fire near Plimsol Mart. Officers responded and were unable to locate building on fire, but found a small warming fire near the Riverhaven homeless encampment. VFD extinguished the fire.
Friday 12-18 11:15am, received report of a female screaming from the flybridge of her vessel. Officers responded and searched the area of VIM C-dock. After a brief investigation, the disturbing party finished screaming and returned into her boat.
Saturday 12-19 9:11am, received report of a disturbing party refusing to leave the lawn area of Harbor Cove Café that is closed due to Covid 19 restrictions. Officers responded and found the party had just left the area upon arrival.

10:45am, while on patrol in vehicle near Surfers Knoll, contacted by a beach patron inquiring if there were sand dunes in the area. Pointed to nearby dunes.

12:47pm, dispatched to a traffic accident at Spinnaker/Harbor. Officers responded and found two patients complaining of traumatic injuries. The patients were treated, and one transported to local hospital. Officers assisted VPD with traffic control while tow agencies worked to remove vehicles.

7:40pm, while docking fireboat observed a sailboat run aground in the stub channel at the end of the barranca. Officers responded and towed the vessel off the sandbar. No damage or injuries occurred during the grounding.

Monday 12-21 7:33am, dispatched to a diabetic emergency on an incoming vessel outside the harbor. The vessel returned to their slip and officers assisted VFD with the call.


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