Thank you to Christy Weir for serving 17 years on the Ventura City Council

Weir is appreciative of the people that she served with.

by Carol Leish

Christy Weir, who was on the Ventura City Council from 2003-2020. got involved since, according to her, “The city, in 2003, was starting the process of adopting a new General Plan, and there was a meeting taking place about the community’s vision for the future of Ventura. I was interested in land use planning because of the long-term impact on the character of the city and the quality of life for the residents. And, I wanted to help lead civic engagement efforts, to ensure that the people of Ventura had voice in their future.”

Weir and her family have lived in Ventura since 1986. She said that her husband and her have raised their son and daughter here. According to Weir, “My son and daughter now live in this community with their families. Thus, I am fortunate to have my six grandchildren nearby.”

Weir said that she was a teacher for ten years. She was also a managing editor at a local publishing company for fifteen years.

“My years on the Ventura Council,” according to Weir, “have been spent speaking on behalf of families and children and nature. I am especially proud of accomplishments in the areas of urban forestry and beautification. Trees are not just decoration; they are essential to the health of our environment and a key in fighting climate change.”

“Protecting our health and environment for future generations has always been a top priority of mine,” according to Weir. She continued by saying, “Protecting our health and environment for future generations has always been a top priority of mine. During my years on the Council, we banned smoking in city parks and other public areas, voted to not allow the sale of flavored nicotine products and banned the use of Styrofoam by our restaurants. I also led the efforts to join the Clean Power Alliance to provide renewable energy to our residents.”

“As the founder and board member of the Downtown Ventura Partners,” Weir said, “I’ve been thrilled to have seen the success of our outdoor dining pedestrian environment in response to COVID-19. Our historic downtown is a priceless community asset, and one that we can all support with our shopping and dining dollars.”

Weir said, “After many years of efforts, we were successful in opening Ventura’s first year-round homeless shelter, in collaboration with Ventura County and other dedicated partners.”

Weir also stressed the importance of transportation “Active transportation is crucial for our future. Creating safe, connecting bike lanes and well-maintained sidewalks has been a priority of mine.”

Weir is appreciative of the people that she served with. “I was glad to share this position on the Ventura City Council), with people who she respected and has learned from: Brian Brennan, Sandy Smith, Jim Monahan, Carl Morehouse, Bill Fulton, Neal Andrews, Ed Summers, Mike Tracy, Cheryl Heitmann, Erik Nasarenko, Matt LaVere, Jim Friedman, Lorrie Brown, and Sofia Rubalcava.

I’d especially like to thank councilmembers LaVere and Heitmann, for their strength and leadership during the Thomas Fire and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the incoming new council, Weir would like to say, ‘Congratulations and welcome to our new council members: Joe Schroeder, Doug Halter, and Mike Johnson, who will be instrumental in shaping Ventura’s future.

Thank you, Christy Weir, for your many years of service and involvement on the Ventura City Council.

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