City recognized for environmental achievements

Cathy and Kent Bullard  have been driving on sunshine since 2011.

The City of Ventura received a Beacon Spotlight Award for its measurable
achievements in reducing community greenhouse gas emissions, further illustrating its
dedication to meet state climate goals. The Beacon Award, which is sponsored by the
Institute for Local Government (ILG), honored Ventura with a Silver Level Award for an
eight percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during a special virtual presentation
in conjunction with the League of Cities Annual Conference.

This award builds on Ventura’s long-standing commitment to environmental
sustainability. Since joining the Beacon Program in 2010, the City has been recognized
for numerous achievements for saving energy and implementing sustainability best
practices like implementing a green business certification program, expanding open
spaces, planting drought-resistant landscaping, and encouraging alternate modes of

“We are honored to gain recognition in our efforts to help reduce greenhouse gas
emissions in our City. By doing our part, we hope to inspire others to continue making
small changes that can help create the biggest impacts in improving our environment,”
said Mayor Matt LaVere.

In addition to participating in the Beacon Program, the City of Ventura is also part of ILG’s
BOOST Pilot Program, a joint endeavor of the ILG and the California Strategic Growth
Council (SGC) to help local governments address California’s climate and equity goals.
Through the BOOST Program, the City has secured more $700,000 in grant funding to
support its comprehensive planning effort, which will include the City’s first Climate Action
and Resilience Plan. The City’s participation in both programs provides additional
resources to assist with climate and resilience initiatives.

“Current events across the state such as record setting heat waves, devastating wildfires
and extremely poor air quality underscore the importance of implementing both proven
and innovative policies and practices to move the needle on climate change,” says Erica
L. Manuel, CEO and Executive Director of the Institute for Local Government.

Cathy and Kent Bullard are proud residents of Ventura who appreciate the City’s continued efforts to improve the environment for all residents. They both have been driving on sunshine since 2011 and helped to establish the Electric Vehicles Advocates of Ventura County. Their home in East Ventura’s has a 4.2kW solar system which provides 100% of their electrical needs including charging both of their electric vehicles. They are regular participants in our local environmental scene educating others about making personal changes to benefit everyone.

Commenting on the award Ventura Bike HUB Joey Juhasz-Lukomski stated “We can’t reduce GHG emissions quickly if we don’t get people out of cars. For errands, commuting, going to school, and every other kind of trip, having the knowledge to just fix a flat tire yourself or the confidence to ride in traffic could be the difference between reaching for your car keys or reaching for you helmet as you walk out the door.”

“As we celebrate this win, it’s important to remember that if future generations are to inherit a livable planet we must continue to follow the courageous example of our current city leadership in reducing GHG emissions.  Gratefully, the Solarize Ventura program enabled broader participation, including my own, towards mitigating the impact of climate change on our youth.  Thanks to all involved!” stated Cindy Piester.

The Institute for Local Government established the Beacon Program to create a
framework to assist local governments in setting goals, documenting progress and
sharing best practices that create healthier, more efficient, vibrant communities.
To learn more about the City of Ventura’s achievements visit:

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