Vol. 14, No. 02 – Oct 21 – Nov 3, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 9-29

2:10am, received a report of a break-in at Margarita Villa. Officers responded and investigated. Female transient wanted a drink but MV closed. PD arrested.

Thursday 10-1

1:35am, dispatched to a person bleeding at 4points Sheraton. Officers responded with AMR and VFD to assist the patient who was transported.

Friday 10-2

12:00pm, dispatched to a ocean rescue at the South Jetty, several persons caught in a rip current. Officers responded in Fireboat, deploying rescue swimmer to assist 3 persons clinging onto South Jetty and 2 in the head of the rip. All persons were rescued and assessed for injuries. Treatment and transport refused.

1:47pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue at the South Jetty. Officers responded and found 4 victims hauled out on the jetty. Rescue swimmer deployed to assist.

4:40pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue at South Beach. Officers responded in Rescue B-17 with multiple agencies. Several persons were pulled out of rip.

Saturday 10-3

12:54am, dispatched to seizure at 1691 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient who was transported to hospital.

8:35pm, received a report of a vessel lost in the fog near the #2 buoy nav buoy. Officers responded, found the vessel and escorted it safely back to the harbor.

Sunday 10-4

1:10pm, officers coordinating plan to lifeguard South Beach and Surfers Knoll. About 1500 people are on the beach and conditions are getting very dangerous.

2pm-6pm, officers & State Parks lifeguarded Harbor Beaches with very limited personnel but were able to safely rescue about 50 people from rip currents and contacted/educated every other beach patron in those 4 hours.

8:00pm, officers enforcing safety and fishing regulations at the breakwall for fishermen engaged in hoop netting. 9 vessels were contacted and inspected.

Monday 10-5 4:07pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue off Camden lane. Officers responded in Fireboat and assisted State Parks and VFD with multiple victims in a rip.

4:16pm, dispatched to a stingray strike at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded.

Tuesday 10-6

10:07pm, received a mayday call from a vessel who fouled their prop with a hoop net line outside the North end of the breakwall. Officers responded and towed the small skiff with 3 POB safely to the launch ramp.

Wed 10-7

10:35pm, officers conducting boating safety education to small vessels engaged hoop netting around the breakwall. Many illegally placed hoopnets confiscated

Thursday 10-8

5:17pm, received a request for a tow from a Seiner skiff in South Basin. Officers on patrol in B-17 towed the vessel to their slip nearby.

5:45pm, received report of capsized Hobie cat near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue B-17, righted the vessel and escorted back to harbor.

Friday 10-9

11:23pm, officers conducting boating safety to fishermen engaged in hoop net fishing around the entrance and breakwall to 15 vessels and 5 kayaks.

Saturday 10-10

3:10am, officers contacting kayaks and vessels hoop netting around the breakwall and entrance for illegal placement and boating safety violations.

6:26pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue South Beach. 2 victims pulled from rip.

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