The Ventura Police Department announces the release of a Public Crime Map

The Ventura Police Department (VPD) and LexisNexis Risk Solutions have recently partnered to provide a new way for the community to stay informed about crime in the City of Ventura. The Ventura Police Department now has an online crime map called Community Crime Map designed to alert the public about recent crime activity in their area and improve communications.

“Implementing a public and interactive crime map allows us to be more transparent with our community about crime occurring in each neighborhood,” said Commander Rick Murray. “It’s important for residents to be aware of activity in their area so they are able to take action and stay safe; Community Crime Map will help them do so.”

Ventura residents can view a map that shows all of the reported crimes in their area, sign up for neighborhood watch reports that breakdown recent crime activity near their home, school, or other places of interest, and can submit tips to the Department through an anonymous tipping feature. These special features make it even easier to access near real-time information.

Community Crime Map empowers Ventura residents to make better decisions about crime, by putting the same technology used by the Ventura Police to analyze and interpret crime activity, into the hands of the community it affects so they can make informed decisions about how to stay safe.

Community Crime Map automatically syncs with the Department’s records system to keep crime information updated and accurate online. The data is geocoded and cleaned to protect victim privacy, and all data secure and confidential. All incidents are then displayed on a map, grid, and analytics dashboard along with some basic information about each incident, including the type of crime, location type, block-level address, date, and time.

Check out the Community Crime Map at

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