William “Billy” Cornell Candidate for City Council District 3

My name is William “Billy” Cornell.

I was born in 1971.

I’m a General Contractor specializing in home repair and remodel serving the Ventura County area.

I’m a College Graduate with further education in the Building Trades.

I served a four year term as a Commissioner for the San Buenaventura Housing Authority. I also served on the Ventura Rent Control Board. Both of those were appointed offices. I worked as a Building Inspector for the City of Ojai and the City of Goleta.

Not unlike so many others I recently began a new role, along with my wife, as home school teachers for my son and daughter who are in middle and high school respectively. They are both currently enrolled via Zoom at Ventura Unified.

If I am elected to the Ventura City Council for District 3 the top three items on my agenda would be:

1. To plan for the recovery from this Global Pandemic that we face now and likely will continue to endure for quite some time. And implementing recovery plans.

2. Increasing the tax base for the city in an effort to fund our growing obligations and maintain our beautiful city without going back to the citizens to ask for more from them.

3. Further the support for our Mental Health resources and Law Enforcement Agencies to face the growing homeless population on our streets. This is a multi-faceted issue that will require support from the Housing Authority, Mental Health, many of our Faith Based Charities and special training for our Police who are working on the streets, many times the first responders.

Accomplishment in a Leadership Role:

As a past Commissioner with the Housing Authority I worked with Associate Commissioners as well as staff and City Officials to developed and approve new public/private housing developments and needed neighborhood redevelopment across the city. We began the long process of re-imagining the Westview Village property located at 955 Riverside St. and applied the same public/private assistance to all the properties needing capital investment for deferred maintenance. This process enabled the Authority to provide needed maintenance that wouldn’t have seen funding under the usual public funding allowance.

Castillo Del Sol was one of my favorite projects with the housing Authority. It’s a fully managed, 39 studio apartment facility, with preference given to adults with mental and development disabilities. The facility provides services from the County of Ventura and Tri County Regional Center.

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