City of Ventura’s upcoming capital improvement projects

This summer, the City of Ventura’s Public Works department is gearing up for a series of capital improvement projects designed to improve and maintain the City’s infrastructure. This includes repair and improvement efforts for City streets, sidewalks, sewers, storm drains, water, and wastewater services.

Street resurfacing projects planned throughout the City include Ralston Street from Portola Road to Victoria Avenue; Victoria Avenue from Telephone Road to Highway 126; Walker Street and Moon Drive from Dowell Drive to Victoria Avenue; Johnson Drive from Bristol Road to Telephone Road; and Telephone Road from Victoria Avenue to Kimball Road. For a map of recent and upcoming projects, visit the City’s website.

All street and sidewalk repair projects will include accessibility enhancements, focusing on sidewalk replacements in the City’s eastside communities, and continuing with the second phase of pedestrian improvements from the westside to midtown in the City’s downtown and wellness districts.

Upcoming planned water and drainage projects consist of waterline replacements in the Pierpont community, completion of two water well installations near Ventura Boulevard and Hill Road, and drainage improvements near Hall Canyon.

“The City is committed to delivering high-quality infrastructure services and programs that promote active and healthy communities,” said City Public Works Director Phil Nelson. “The City can maintain local streets and complete repair projects more quickly thanks to additional funding provided by SB-1 and Measure O; and without these voter-driven initiatives, this would not be possible.”

The City of Ventura thanks community members in advance for their patience and cooperation during the completion of these projects. Due to the nature of various construction work and to ensure public safety, lane closures will be in effect around the project areas. Message boards will be posted in each direction to inform motorists and residents of upcoming lane closures. Residents are asked to reduce their speed in construction zones.

The City’s Public Works Department conducts a citywide effort to identify the most critical infrastructure priorities over the next six years and establishes a two-year work plan that is updated annually. This strategic planning framework is approved by the Ventura City Council each year by April 1.

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