Vol. 13, No. 22 – July 29 – Aug 11, 2020 – Mailbox

Mr. Brown:

I appreciate your column and look forward to your comments and insights.  I just wanted to mention to you, however, that I believe your comment that “as a non-native American, I don’t have really strong feelings about this” (regarding the statue of Father Serra) is unacceptable if we are to work towards social justice in our county ad our country.  If the only people who respond to injustice are those that have suffered from it, minority causes would never receive the support they deserve from all of us.  It would seem more in keeping with your opinions that we all share the responsibility to stand up for injustice, whether it has affected us or our ancestors, or not.

Thank you.
Kathy Waters

Thanks for this so I can clear this up. I am very concerned, and supportive for all peoples who have been, and will continue to be subjected to injustices and prejudices. I just meant that folks directly affected probably have stronger feelings but all have my empathy


In the April 8-21 edition of the Ventura Breeze, your challenge to readers regarding making positive statement(s) about President Trump only generated one response that I noticed. It was disappointing that more readers did not make an effort to respond. Here is my contribution.

Did you enjoy the stimulus check you received? Was the reduction in your Federal Taxes something you appreciated? Do you think the economy and lowest unemployment ever, prior to Covid-19, benefited America? Have you researched how many pieces of legislation President Trump has signed into law?

It is easy to criticize, find fault and believe what we hear or read. But haven’t we been taught to question everything? To question indicates a need to research and find the most accurate information, which is not as easy as it seems in today’s world of the internet and 24/7 media news that usually does not provide accurate or complete information. It is interesting to me that when I hear the major media spin what President Trump has said and when I see or hear the actual footage of his comment that I find the media’s spin was not what he actually said.

While it may be easy and popular to dislike President Trump’s often reported behavior, we should ask ourselves if we feel he really has the welfare of America’s future at heart?

Is the nomination of Federal Judges that believe in and respect the American Constitution a good thing for the preservation of America, as we have known it, something we appreciate? Isn’t the support of existing Federal Laws what elected officials are supposed to do?

In my opinion, the real issue voters need to address each time we vote is to pick the least of the evils. No candidate is perfect so it is each voter’s responsibility to exercise “due diligence” and vote for the person that hopefully will do the least amount of damage to our nation or community. We have been conditioned to the polite behavior of professional politicians. Perhaps we need more people in elected office that do not act like lifelong professional politicians, some of which have never had real jobs. We do not have to like someone to vote for them. We should try to determine which candidate is committed to do what is best for America and or our community.

Respectfully submitted from a registered Independent voter.

Ken Ogle

Is not life a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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