Stage 2 water shortage event

On May 4, the City Council moved to adopt Water Commission’s recommendation to reduce to a lower stage – declaring a Stage 2 Water Shortage Event with a 10% mandatory water conservation goal.

Each year following the rainy season, Ventura Water staff evaluates the current conditions of each of the City’s water supply sources – Lake Casitas, Ventura River, and local groundwater basins in the Comprehensive Water Resources Report (CWRR). This report also provides an annual look at the City’s current demand trends or the measure of the total amount of water used by customers along with anticipating future needs.

The supply figures are then applied to the triggers outlined in the Water Shortage Event Contingency Plan (WSECP) to determine the City’s appropriate stage. The WSECP was developed in 2014 by staff along with citizen members of the Water Shortage Task Force to provide guidance and actions to be taken during droughts and major emergencies.

Staff stated “We continue to acknowledge that the City’s 100% local water supplies remain vulnerable to environmental, regulatory, operational, and legal constraints. For these reasons, making conservation a way of life remains a top priority. Our customers who have consistently exceeded Stage 3 mandatory 20% savings, conserving an average of 23% over the last five years.”

During Stage 2, Ventura Water will continue to offer rebate and incentive programs to equip customers to maintain water-efficient practices. The Stage 2 rate adjustment will become effective July 1, 2020.

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