City of Ventura to allow limited access to parks and beaches

A limited amount of people and horses have beach access.

On Monday, April 20, 2020, the Ventura City Council unanimously voted to institute limited closures of Ventura’s beaches and parks. The City’s decision provides restricted access to its parks, beaches, the Promenade, and Pier in support of balancing residents’ physical and mental health while restricting non-essential activities.

Ventura Mayor Matt LaVere stated “We want to provide an opportunity for our community to enjoy our amazing resources in a socially-responsible manner while we continue to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Walking, hiking, jogging, running, or biking, is permitted as long as those engaging in these activities do not linger in any location. Sidewalks, walking paths, trails and tracks within all public parks are open for use as long as the public adheres to the social distancing requirements outlined in the “Stay Well at Home” order, set by the Ventura County Health Officer.

“We know the public desperately wants to bring their families to the beach or the park, but we’re not there yet,” said City Manager Alex McIntyre. “The limited closure access to City parks and beaches will continue as long as the public complies with social distancing rules and there are no group gatherings. Our intent is to provide community members with opportunities to enjoy healthy outdoor activities while continuing to maintain social and physical distancing. All parks have limited closures. We aren’t calling them “open”, we are staying consistent with the ordinance language, per CA’s office direction. To that end, people may use the parks for jogging, hiking, walking, running, but all playgrounds, courts, sport fields, parking lots, basketball courts, and restrooms are closed. Signs are up at each park reminding users what is allowed under a limited closure and that there is no laying down, sitting, or standing, it is active movement only.”

Playgrounds, picnic areas, parking lots, restrooms, pools, courts, as well as sports and recreational fields will remain closed. Public gatherings, sitting, standing, fishing, or lingering on the sand will not be allowed. Limited access signage will be prominently posted around parks and beaches to remind the public to comply with physical distancing practices.

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