Vol. 13, No. 15 – Apr 22 – May 5, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


9:20am, received a report of a vessel discharging diesel from it bilge pump. Officers responded and discovered a sheen in the area around the vessel at VWM D-dock. The owner was contacted, he hired an individual to remove what fuel was left in the vessel and cleaned up recoverable fuel. USCG was advised.


5:10pm, while on patrol in Rescue Boat 19, officers received a report of a Sport Fishing vessel with a cabin door to the wheelhouse unsecured and banging loudly from 30 knots of West wind. Officers were able to secure the door.


7:33am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers enforced beach closure to a group of surfers not adhering to social distancing guidelines.

10:50pm, dispatched to an assault victim in the Harbor Cove parking lot. Officers responded and assisted VPD with the call. The patient refused treatment


3:45pm, while on patrol, officers observed a suspicious vehicle in the Ventura Marina Community. After a brief investigation, it was ascertained that the driver was delivering food to a space in the park. He was assisted in locating it.


7:15am, officers changed the electronic message board on Spinnaker Drive to inform the public that, “ BEACH CLOSED, NO BEACH PARKING, CITATIONS BEING ISSUED.”

10:20am, officers en route to enforce beach closure, no beach parking, no stopping on Spinnaker Drive and limited parking in the Harbor Village lot.

10:30-7:00pm, hundreds of warnings and educational contacts about closures and restrictions throughout the Harbor Village, Launch Ramp and beaches were issued to many persons heading to and arriving at the harbor.

8:25pm, received a report of a commercial fishing vessels’ bilge alarm sounding in Ventura Harbor Village. Officers responded and found the vessel afloat in normal position, not in danger of sinking. The owner was contacted to secure it.


10:00am, received a report of a bilge alarm sounding in VHV commercial slips. Officers responded, found the vessel and contacted the owner who assisted with entry where water was found. The bilge was pumped and the alarm turned off.

10:50am, officers along with Courtesy Patrol enforcing new parking regulations along Spinnaker and in the Ventura Harbor Village. Hundreds of contacts made.

12:52pm, received a report of a vessel aground near the Mandalay Power Plant. Officers responded in Fireboat to assist Tow Boat US with the vessel. Eventually the vessel was pulled off the beach. No one was injured.

2:49pm, received a complaint that poor signage around a nearby harbor was resulting in a lack of social distancing. The caller mentioned that Ventura Harbor was a good example of what signage should look like. Officers advised the caller of the correct department to complain to of the nearby harbor.

11:50pm, received a report of a transient female trespassed onto a vessel, unbeknownst to whom that the owner was onboard. More in the next report.

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