Girl on a Bicycle

by Patty Jenkins

I inhale deeply, the beautiful fresh sea air,
Eyes closed now I can almost smell it
Remember it with every breath inhaled
Now inside.

The waves sooth my mind as they flow into my senses,
Pulsing, soothing, reaching the depths of my soul.
Sea mist sprinkles like fairy dust upon my thirsty face, eyelids, cheeks, lips.
Now inside – eyes closed, I remember

Her cheerful little bell greets you before you see her smiling face –
The Girl on the Bicycle.
She glides oh so smoothly on the promenade
In sync with the waves; up and down, back and forth, east to west
Her basket full of curious fuzzy creatures.

I can feel my muscles relaxing now, my breathing slowing,
Now inside my mind goes willingly to our precious Ventura jewel,
Our beautiful lovely life-affirming always enduring promenade
Gateway to our sea, our souls!

I will stay inside; memory and hope my sanctuary.
Soon we will be free again, we will emerge like butterflies from our cocoons
We will all have saved lives! – Perhaps even our own!
Outside! Outside! Outside again we will ALL SOAR!

And I hope to hear her joyful bell again and see her peacefully gliding along – ,
The Girl on the Bicycle
With her curious fuzzy creatures and her beautiful smile.
Ocean mist dancing on my face, sea air filling the depths of my heart, my soul
Breathing in life deeply again – life Outside!
All is well – we are all here together again -Outside!

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