App provides live updates about any bus in Ventura County

Transit operators in Ventura County are joining together to launch the GOVCbus app. The app allows passengers to plan a trip, find their nearest stop and look up estimated arrival times and other real-time information from any handheld device or desktop browser. Camarillo Area Transit, Gold Coast Transit Distict (GCTD), Kanan Shuttle, Moorpark City Transit, Ojai Trolley, Simi Valley Transit, Thousand Oaks Transit, Valley Express and VCTC Intercity Transit are all participating in the new system.

For years VCTC has provided passengers the ability to look up information online or view arrival times at major bus stops. With the new system, VCTC is expanding this service to every bus stop in the County. In addition, the GOVCbus app will include a trip planner and personalized real-time itineraries for Ventura County’s riders.

“The new system expands the location where real-time information will be available, and through the GOVCbus app riders will be able to use one common tool to plan their trip and get up-to-the-minute information on any bus anywhere in Ventura County,” said Darren Kettle, VCTC’s Executive Director. “ The new app is an important step toward creating a better and more seamless customer experience for bus riders in our region and improving on-time performance and connections for every operator in the County.

Riders can use the GOVCbus app or visit to view an interactive map showing the location of any bus and its next scheduled arrival at any stop in the County, get information about fares, check for service alerts and status updates, and obtain general information about each system. Riders can also send a text with their specific bus stop numbers to receive estimated arrival times and notifications about the stop via text message.

“We look forward to being part of a countywide information platform via one app, GOVCbus, allowing our passengers more ease in accessing information about all transit systems in the County,” said Steve Brown, GCTD General Manager. “Improving the customer experience is a top priority for GCTD.”

Over 140 buses, across nine transit agencies are equipped with the system. This includes Thousand Oaks Transit, Simi Valley Transit, Kanan Shuttle, Ojai Trolley, Moorpark City Transit, Valley Express, Camarillo Area Transit, VCTC Intercity, and now GCTD.

Passengers can learn more at or by calling (800) 438-1112.

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