What can I do?

by Jill Forman

Most of us want to help. Heck, most of us just want to do something. If you’re like me, retired and in “that” age group, you’re not even supposed to leave the house.

Everyone I know is busy. They work, they do volunteer stuff, they take care of grandchildren and help out at gardens, theaters, schools, etc. Suddenly it all comes to a screeching halt for a lot of us.

It takes some deep thinking to figure out what you can do to help your family, neighborhood, or town.

I am lucky; I love to read and I work with the Ventura Friends of the Library. We have a warehouse of donated books which we sell to fund library materials and programs. My car is often full of books, going to and from used book shelves, the libraries, book sales, the warehouse….

Put that carful of books together with the fact that our neighborhood has 13 Little Free Libraries, hey, there’s something I can do! This morning I drove around to all of the Libraries, stocked them full, and emptied out the boxes of books in my car. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any kids’ books but will pick some up soon. All gifts from the Ventura Friends of the Library for folks who love books.

So that’s my small contribution. Let’s hear from the Breeze readers with your ideas.

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