A Message from City of Ventura’s Economic Development Manager regarding Coronavirus

The recent developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are rapidly evolving. While county, state, and federal agencies take the lead to address the public health-related concerns connected to the virus, our office is also working closely with the County, Ventura Chamber of Commerce, and other key partners to assist our local businesses through the developing economic impacts. 

On March 17, the County of Ventura issued a Public Health Order outlining new requirements including all permanent food facilities, along with bars and nightclubs that offer food. The Public Health Order also requires closure of the following types of businesses in Ventura County, which includes the City of Ventura: 

•    Bars and nightclubs that do not serve food

•    Movie theaters, live performance venues, bowling alleys, and arcades

•    Gyms, fitness centers, and aquatic centers

•    Wineries, breweries, and taprooms that provide tastings. 

The economic health of our businesses is a key priority. We understand that during these times, our local employees and employers are going to be affected by the impacts of COVID-19.  We are here with you and want to be your partner through these uncertain times.  

While recognizing social distancing is essential during this time, we do not want to overlook the importance of investing in our local economy. We encourage our residents to continue supporting our local businesses through pick up or delivery services.  At last night’s City Council meeting, City Council Leadership set the directive to allow for easier access to businesses offering pick up services.  Effective immediately, all parking meters downtown will not be enforced. Free parking will be available through April 12, 2020.  

If you are an employee or employer affected by COVID-19, please visit the Economic Development Collaborative website for a resource guide on information on economic recovery efforts. As new resources become available, this guide will be updated as needed. 

Lastly, please be considerate of others and help to slow the spread of this virus. Review the CDC’s guidance for more information on how you can do your part.

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