Vol. 13, No. 13 – Mar 25 – Apr 7, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Monday 3-2

7:23am, received dispatch to a vegetation fire near Riverhaven off E Harbor Blvd. Officers responded and assisted VFD with traffic control on Harbor. The fire was eventually extinguished and mopped up by Ventura fire personnel.

5:08pm, received several reports of a water rescue, kite surfer in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded, pulled the kiter and equipment from the water, then safely escorting the victim to the shore without incident.

Tuesday 3-3

11:45am, received a request for a safety escort from the captain of a disabled sailboat using the emergency tiller to navigate to the boatyard for haul out. The vessel was safely escorted to their destination, the Ventura Boatyard.

Wednes 3-4

11:17am, dispatched to a medical, broken leg in the Riverhaven homeless camp. Officers responded and assisted VFD and AMR with the call.

Thursday 3-5

11:20am, dispatched to water rescue at Marina Park, 3 swimmers in distress. Officers responded with multiple units and were able to determine all 3 victims were accounted for safely on the beach after escaping a rip current nearby.

Friday 3-6

11:45pm, received a report of several transients loitering on the back patio of a local restaurant. Officers advised they would investigate and for the R/P to contact Ventura PD as well. Upon arrival in the area, an illuminated light bar / spotlight convinced the group to leave the area. No violations were observed.

Saturday 3-7

9:00am, monitoring State Parks requal / tryout swim in Rescue Boat 19 near San Pedro street. While observing the swim, a Scarab style speed boat operated dangerously close to the candidates and lifeguards, then headed to the pier and dangerously buzzed surfers in the surfline. Due to the speed the vessel can and will attain, officers unable to make contact at this time.

12:15pm, contacting the skipper of the Scarab in the main channel of the Harbor. Issued the final warning for dangerous and negligent operation. All the while, the deckhand, passengers were screaming obscenities and showing utter disrespect for officers attempting to teach them prudent operation of their vessel and the hope that they don’t injure themselves or worse, others.

8:30pm, received a dispatch to ill person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD and AMR with a terminal patient.

Sunday 3-8

8:00am, Oxnard College Lifeguard Academy at the Ventura Port District.

9:00am, Beach Hazard Assessment: beautiful conditions, 2-4ft Northwest/South swells combination. Calm conditions, beautiful beach day.

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